About konsthallen


  • Lund Konsthall was inaugurated in 1957 and celebrates its 50-years jubilee in 2007. The modernist building was designed by the Swedish architect Klas Anshelm.
  • Lund Konsthall is part of a lively regional context. The bridge between Denmark and southern Sweden constructed in 2000 has created a dynamic and future-orientated region.
  • Lund is a knowledge city, home to Scandinavia’s largest university. The concentration of highly educated inhabitants makes Lund an interesting environment for exhibiting contemporary art.


  • Lund konsthall shall be a significant international contemporary art venue.
    This shall be achieved with exhibitions and other events of high international standard, featuring art from the nearby region as well as from the rest of the world. Lund Konsthall shall also engage in continuous research and experimentation with new exhibition formats.
  • Lund Konsthall shall offer a programme that is distinct and accessible to existing and new groups of visitors.
    This shall be achieved with interpretation and communication: the creation of meaning through the visual and spatial articulation of exhibitions, free-distribution printed matter with clearly formulated presentation texts, more substantial catalogues, public talks, lectures and moderated discussion events.


  • Lund Konsthall shall be a venue for the promotion and public discussion of contemporary art. The exhibition and education programmes are the main activities, but the institution must also have the capacity for production and research. All activities shall meet international standards, but at the same time be anchored in the regional context.
  • Lund Konsthall shall reflect the multifarious creative energy that contemporary art offers society at large. A certain level of complexity is inevitable, and indeed necessary. Contemporary art often represents experimentation and risk-taking. The ablity to continuosly question and reformulate experience is a core competence in today’s reality.
  • Lund Konsthall shall be in constant dialogue with its visitors. The programme shall be characterised by generosity, openness and clarity. Lectures, discussions and conferences shall be continuously organised in collaboration with experts from various fields, not least the academic world.


  • Lund Konsthall exhibits both established and less-known artists.
  • Exhibitions are normally produced by Lund Konsthall, and shall ideally contain new or recent work.
  • To promote different voices in the art world Lunds konsthall continuously invites external curators.
  • Exhibitions shall be research-orientated.
  • 5 exhibitions are mounted each year, and they are normally open 10 weeks.
  • The exhibition programme is decided more than one year in advance, so that we can offer good working conditions to invited artists and other collaboration partners.
  • Lund Konsthall places emphasis on international and regional collaboration.
  • Lund Konsthall very rarely accepts spontaneous external suggestions for exhibitions.

Interpretation and Communication

  • Lund Konsthall produces printed matter for its exhibitions. All exhibitions are accompanied by a free-distribution brochure in Swedish and English. For some exhibitions more substantial catalogues are produced. These are sold at the reception.
  • A comprehensive programme of gallery talks and guided tours is offered free of charge to schools and kindergartens in Lund.
  • Gallery talks about the current exhibition are offered to the general public every Thursday and Sunday at 3 pm.
  • Lectures and discussions are continuously organised, dealing with topics connected to the exhibitions and the exhibiting artists’ interests.
  • Lund Konsthall occasionally organises larger international conferences in collaboration with relevant partners in the art world or the academic world.
  • Free entrance to all exhibitions and interpretative events at Lund Konsthall.

Other Activities

  • Lund Konsthall is responsible for the City of Lund Art Collection. Acquisitions to the collection are made by a reference group consisting of the Director and elected politicians.
  • Lund Konsthall is also in charge of producing public art projects for new buildings financed by the City of Lund.

Responsible: Lunds konsthall  
Changed: 23/01/2018