‘I have tried to achieve an environment, tried to achieve a spatial frame for objects, and also to facilitate the changing of light bulbs.’
Klas Anshelm, Architect

Lund Konsthall is the result of a donation from the Old Savings’ Bank (today’s Finn Savings’ Bank) to the City of Lund. In 1953 the City Council decided to accept the gift and invited six architects for a competition to design the new kunsthalle. In 1954 the jury unanimously decided that Klas Anshelm’s proposal should be realised.

Klas Anshelm (1914–1980) was a well-known a busy architect in Lund. With its monolithic brick façade Lund Konsthall became one of Sweden’s finest exhibition venues. Its dramatic and yet restrained form is well adapted to contemporary art, and also blends in with the medieval architecture of Lund.

Lund Konsthall has not fully retained its original architectural expression, but it has escaped thorough reconstruction. In 1997 the building was renovated with support from the Finn Savings’ Bank and in 2004 it underwent a lighter renovation, aiming at restoring as much as possible of the original architecture.

On 1 September 1957 Lund Konsthall was inaugurated with the exhibition Swedish Contemporary Art. During 50 years the exhibition programme has been ambitious and widely recognised, featuring both Swedish and international contemporary art.
The exhibition Lund Konsthall 50 Years (31 March – 20 May 2007) featured a selection of artists and artworks that have been shown at Lund Konsthall since its inauguration. In connection with this exhibition the book Lund Konsthall 50 Years. Exhibition Posters was published. It can be ordered from Lund Konsthall or bought at the reception (800 pages, hardcover, full-colour reproductions, SEK 380,-).

1957–1966 Eje Högestätt
1967–1968 Folke Edwards
1969–1990 Marianne Nanne-Bråhammar
1990–2003 Cecilia Nelson
2003– Åsa Nacking



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