28 November 2020 – 21 February 2021

Dormant Quantity

In the exhibition 'Dormant Quantity', Lunds konsthall takes a closer look at a group of artists who live and work in the region, or who are knowledgeable about the local context. What all the participating artists have in common is that their work departs from stories and facts pertinent to a regional reality in southern Sweden.

En grupp nunnor som går längs en väg med skyltar i händerna, på några står det "nej, nej".
Kalle Brolin, Jag är Bergtagen, videoinstallation, 2020.


Dave Hullfish Bailey, Kalle Brolin, Andreas Johansson, Caroline Mårtensson, Åsa Norberg & Jennie Sundén.

The local current state of affairs that is presented in the exhibition is rooted in historical and global frameworks. However, the ties made between here and there, and past and present, are not uncontested–rather, they represent attempts to understand the present from a set of political, social, and material vantage points that can be highly variable–at times even contradictory.

The title of the exhibition is a reference to the fact that the shown works establish links between events and sites that might seem rather unexpected at first glance. Further, each participating artist highlights the particular aspects that allow these connections to be drawn at this particular moment in time. In other words, what they are doing is activating a cluster of nodes within a historical and geographical network that have been dormant until now.

Curators: Hans Carlsson, Åsa Nacking