13 June – 23 August 2020


An exhibition with Mercedes Azpilicueta, Donna Kukama, Hwayeon Nam and Alexandra Pirici.

Performance in itself, in its various and diverse forms, is not new to the art world, and we can trace its origins to the early 20th century. Nevertheless, what is interesting today is how despite this long tradition of the use of performance by artists, it is still somehow at odds with the operational structures and practices intrinsic to museums and galleries. It is only in the past fifteen years that art institutions around the world are creating positions, departments, spaces and collection strategies specifically devoted to performance art. How to exhibit, document, and preserve performance is still challenging for institutions that were originally conceived for exhibiting, collecting and preserving objects and not the performative itself. The distinctions between the actual live performance and its documentation, and the relationship between these and their respective audiences, is today, due to the availability of technology and the economic drivers behind the international art market, contested and blurred. What constitutes the actual artwork, and what is contextual material and or documentation of the work itself, has been in recent years the subject of fruitful and interesting debates by artists, curators, academics and art professionals alike.

The summer show at Lunds konsthall this year will explore these issues by showcasing the work of four international artists using performance in their practice. They have been chosen for their particular approaches and their intention to contest what is perceived and defined as performance, thus engaging with exhibition practices, spaces; and with audiences in new ways.

Två kvinnor som dansar. Den ena kvinna håller i den andra kvinnan. Den andra kvinnan som lutar sig kraftigt bakåt

Hwayeon Nam, Study, 2020, Video


Molecular Love: Act 2

Mercedes Azpilicueta (born 1981 in Argentina). Directed by Maria Naidu.
Performance every Saturday at Lunds konsthall during the exhibition period between 2–4 pm. The last Saturday of the exhibition the performance will take part at 1pm–3pm.
In collaboration with Sommarlund.

Monument to Work

Alexandra Pirici (born 1982 in Romania).

Living, public monument in motion.
Directed by Tyra Wigg

Saturday 22 August: 3–5pm at Stortorget
Sunday 23 August: 3–5pm at Domkyrkoplatsen

In collaboration with Stenkrossen.

The Garden of Excuses Too

Donna Kukama (born 1981 in South Africa).

Outdoor tea room and green house in the inner yard of Lunds konsthall for the visitors.
In collaboration with the Botanical Garden, Lund University.

About the exhibition

With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Korea, Korea Arts Management Service, and the grant program Fund for Korean Art Abroad; and the support of the Public Art Agency Sweden.

Curators: Debora Voges, Åsa Nacking