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Play Meets .Art!

Seminar and tours at Lunds konsthall, Wanås Art and Hage/Råängen.

Lunds konsthall, Wanås Art and Lund Cathedral/Råängen are currently working together on a number of exhibitions and projects that deal with play, urban and landscape planning, and art.

Lunds konsthall is showing the exhibition The Playground Project (5 February – 8 May), about 20th century play sculptures, Wanås Art is showing an exhibition based on Beatrice Alemagna and Sara Stridsberg's book Let’s Go to the Park (5 March – 1 May), and Lund Cathedral / Råängen is planning a designed play environment with an invited artist in their project Hage, a public garden built for the new district Råängen in Lund. As part of this joint project the three organisations have programmed a number of activities taking place during the spring.

April 28, at 5-8.30pm: Seminar Art & Play

Seminar at Lunds konsthall about playable art, play in art and different perspectives on children and childhood. The seminar will include a lecture by city planner and curator of the exhibition the Playground Project at Lunds konsthall, Gabriela Burkhalter, artist Luca Frei; and Sara Backman Prytz, specialist in child and youth studies (Uppsala University); and a panel discussion with Jake Ford, landscape architect at White Architects, Lena Sjöstrand, cathedral chaplain Church of Sweden; Elisabeth Millqvist, artistic director Wanås Art and Åsa Nacking, director of Lunds konsthall. Moderated by curator and artist Hans Carlsson. The event will start at 16:30. Coffee and sandwiches for sale in the inner yard. The seminar will be held in English. See full schedule. Pre-booking required: Billetto

April 2, at 1-2.30pm: Guided tour on bike

Bicycle tour visiting the interactive sculptures in Lund included in the slide show that is part of the exhibition The Playground Project, and that has been produced by Linn Hübinette and Elin Aspeklev. Departure from Lunds konsthall. Pre-booking required

April 9, at 2-3.30pm: Guided tour in the park

Walking tour at Wanås Art based on the exhibition Let’s Go to the Park with Beatrice Alemagna, and the artworks in the sculpture park. The tour begins indoors in the exhibition and continues in the sculpture park with a conversation about sculpture and play, about art that encourages discovery and memories of play. The tour is included in the entrance fee. Pre-booking required

May 7, at 2-5pm: Dig, Splash, Dig!  

Råängen presents Hage designed by the Norwegian architects Brendeland & Kristoffersen. On site you will also meet Byggstudio, a multidisciplinary design studio, which will create a temporary playground in the area. The first of Byggstudio’s events is an invitation to dig holes, look for treasure, and play in muddy puddles. Be prepared for a bit of anarchy.
Location: Hage is located in the Brunnshög area in northern Lund, at Råängen. The easiest way to get there is with the tram that starts from Clemenstorget at Lund C, direction ESS, stop Max IV.