Performance by Frédéric Gies

Likes-dealer (2023)

by Frédéric Gies

60 minutes

Saturday April 1, 14.00

Saturday April 15, 14.00

Saturday May 6, 14.00

Sunday May 7, 14.00

During April and May, Frédéric Gies will perform Likes-dealer, a site-specific dance created for the exhibition spelling slipping ellipsis. Gies’s practice draws from classical ballet, ‘90s contemporary dance, techno clubbing and mythology. In this performance, the artist assembles gestures from this extensive repertoire to make new patterns and scores. The body is approached as a fluid entity shaped by the music and the architectural setting hosting it. Likes-dealer creates unexpected wormholes between the techno club and Klas Anselm’s modernist building.

Frédéric Gies

Frédéric Gies (1973) is a dancer and choreographer based in Malmö. They run the company Dance is ancient, a platform for artistic experimentation where performance serves as a pretext to develop public encounters.

spelling slipping ellipsis

February 11 – May 7 2023

with Ester Fleckner, Frédéric Gies, Sixten Hatfield, Linda Lamignan, Fathia Mohidin, Erik Thörnqvist, Paola Torres Núñez del Prado, Burcu Sahin

Curators: Albin Hillervik & Jari Malta

spelling slipping ellipsis presents a group of artists who translate histories, bodies, and desires into form, sound and movement. The exhibition carries echoes from the gym, the space centre, the unmade bed, the techno club, the mine, the jungle, the queer bar and the high-rise to the modernist architecture of Lunds konsthall.

Photo by Thomas Zamolo