4 september – 14 november 2004


Seeing, observing, is certainly something that is implicit in the whole experience of art. The exhibition (dys)function is addressed a to public that is prepared to see and at the same time dares to question its seeing.


Attila Csörgó, Ceal Floyer, Alexander Gutke, Rivane Neuenschwander.

This is not to say that the exhibition deals with the idea of a pure phenomenology – for an exhibition that stresses the visual there are surprisingly many features that can be seen to work with far more underlying elements than the purely perceptual; for (dys)function deals with questions surrounding our process of perception, how we identify our surroundings at all, and how communication can function non-linguistically in the sense of non-verbally, non-text-based, and instead grow out of something that the viewer can recognize and identify as an image; (dys)function indicates that a visual strategy is an artistic language that spreads and ramifies, that does not preclude further readings, that is able to create unexpected angles of approach which in turn force the viewer to take up a new position in the observation of the surrounding world.

Curators: Åsa Nacking, Mats Stjernstedt

Photographer: Terje Östling