20 January – 13 February 2005

Annelie Nilsson & Susann Rönnertz. Publikation(pages)

Between January 20 and February 13 2005, Lund Konsthall has the pleasure of showing the first phase of Publikation(pages), an internet based pdf-collection with art and art-related subjects started by Malmö-based artists Annelie Nilsson and Susann Rönnertz.

Bokstäverna A, B och C utplacerade på marken i en skog.

Publikation(pages) will be presented at Lund Konsthall both in digital form and as an Artist's book with material from 34 invited artists. The idea behind Publikation(pages) is that by means of a computer and a connection to internet, people may freely download and print out the artists' different contributions, such as drawings, paintings, photos, texts, scripts, storyboards, blueprints, manuals, art politics, sketches, songs, flyers, correspondence, etc, in the form of high-resolution pdf documents.

Pdf (Portable Document Format) is a file format that preserves typeface, images and layout from all kinds of sources. Navigation through the pdf collection is provided by a search system indexed by name, title, technique and theme, and also by keywords chosen by the artists and related to the pdf's contents.

Publikation(pages) is a way to influence and facilitate the distribution and exchange of art and information among artists and between the artists and the public. As the pdf collection grows, Publikation(pages) will be able to present a wide collection of different artworks from different generations and will function as an accesible and useful space for contemporary art. A computer will be available at Lund Konsthall where the visitors may browse through and make their own choices among the artists' different contributions.

Participating artists in Publikation(pages) part 1 are Catrin Andersson, Mia Andreé, Elisabet Apelmo, Marika Bredler, Lars Brunström, Leicy Olsborn Björby, Camilla Carlsson, Virgil Dejarv, Maria Finn, Ylva Friberg, Zsuzsanna Gilice, Per Gustafsson, Ronny Hansson, Leif Holmstrand, John Håkansson, Lisa Jeannin, David Krantz, Runo Lagomarsino, Petter Lawenius, Mio Olsson, Morgan Schagerberg, Lena Séraphin, Nilsmagnus Sköld, Karin Solberg, Joacim Sprung, Maria Sundström, Fredrik Strid, Magdalena Svensson, Maria G Svensson, Margareta Svensson, Joanna Thede, Charlotte Walentin, Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg, Anna Wessman.

Publikation (pages) will be presented by the artists Thursday 20 January at 18.00 hrs. at the Konsthall's bookshop on the 2nd floor. Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January, the artists will be present at the Konsthall. During these days, the public will be able to get selected pdf files printed out at cost. A computer will be available to the visitors until February 13.

Curator: Madeleine Malmsten