31 March – 20 May 2007

Lunds konsthall 50 years Art of the possible

Lund Konsthall was inaugurated in 1957. The building, designed by the architect Klas Anshelm, was donated to the city by the Finn Savings Bank. It is still considered one of the foremost exhibition spaces in Sweden.

Lunds konsthall 50 år

Lund Konsthall celebrates its 50-year jubilee with a comprehensive exhibition. Works by more than 50 artists have been borrowed from museums and private collections. The selection is subjective and reflects how the institution views its history today. The interests and preferences of the different directors are highlighted, as well as artists who have helped shape the image of Lund Konsthall. The fundamental idea is that works shown before at Lund Konsthall will revisit the exhibition space.

At the same time Lund Konsthall releases two publications about its history. The brochure Fem chefer skriver (‘Five Directors Write’) contains texts in Swedish by Eje Högestätt, Folke Edwards, Marianne Nanne-Bråhammar, Cecilia Nelson and Åsa Nacking. Exhibition Posters is an 800-page book with reproductions of all the institution’s posters and a list of all artists who have participated in its almost 500 exhibitions.

In connection with the jubilee exhibition Lund Konsthall organises a programme with talks and discussions about contemporary art and its institutions.

Works by the following artists are shown in the exhibition

Torsten Andersson, Knut Andreassen, Klas Anshelm, Bianca Maria Barmen, Beck & Jung, Dick Bengtsson, Ola Billgren, Max Book, Bård Breivik, Elina Brotherus, Barbro Bäckström, Carlos Capelán, Lena Cronqvist, Carl Johan De Geer, Lars Englund, Jörgen Fogelquist, Roj Friberg, GAN, Poul Gernes, Hein Heinsen, Carl Fredrik Hill, Lars Hillersberg, Åke Hodell, Sture Johannesson, Sven Jonson, Annica Karlsson-Rixon, Clay Ketter, Brita af Klercker, Hilma af Klint, Bruno Knutman, Sivert Lindblom, Eva Löfdahl, Carl Magnus, Melin & Österlin, Tracey Moffatt, Wiwen Nilsson, Richard Nonas, Georg Oddner, Erik Olson, Lennart Olson, Eric H Olson, Signe Persson-Melin, Nina Roos, Anna Sjödahl, Annika Svenbro, Esaias Thorén, Anne Thulin, Lefifi Tladi, Sophie Tottie, Ulf Trotzig, John Wipp, Fumio Yoshimura, Anders Österlin.

Curators: Elisabet Carlström, Anders Kreuger, Åsa Nacking

Photographer: Terje Östling