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About Public Art in Lund

Lunds konst is a section within Lunds konsthall that works with the administration and preservation of public art in the City of Lund. Artworks belonging to the city’s collection are either permanently installed in urban public spaces or inside municipal buildings.

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Within Swedish public administration, there is a proud tradition dating from the 1930s, of allocating one percent of the cost of building or renovating public facilities to the investment in the so-called building-related art. The City of Lund has followed this principle for several decades. Art as public property creates aesthetic and spiritual values beyond what is measurable in the context of the municipality.

The City of Lund’s art collection comprises more than 3000 works, of which 400 are permanently installed in public spaces across the city or inside buildings. These artworks are managed through the city’s art registry, which is continuously updated as the collection is expanded and renewed.

Lunds konst is managed by Lunds konsthall, which in turn is a part of the Culture and Leisure Services Department of the City of Lund. Since 2020 the way in which the commissioning of art projects for new buildings is carried out has changed. The public artworks are no longer specific to individual buildings. The funds allocated to public art are now instead collected in one fund that finances the production of new artworks in strategic locations throughout the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public art?

Public art is defined as the objects, events, processes and locations financed and administered with public funds allocated to this purpose. The artworks can be a permanent sculpture or temporary public interventions that can offer a critical point of view or a new perspective of the world around us.

How are artworks acquired into the City of Lund art collection?

Acquisitions to the art collection are decided by Lunds konsthall’s team under the guidance of Lunds konsthall’s Director.

How do public artworks get commissioned?

Public art in the City of Lund is commissioned in consultation with users within the various areas of the municipality and in collaboration between different departments. The commissioning work is carried out in consultation with specialists and the procurement processes are approved by the relevant elected politicians in the Culture and Leisure Services Committee.

First, a place or an area where the public art will be installed is identified. Once this has been done, an expert group consisting of Lunds konsthall Director, the Curator of Public Art, the Director of Skissernas Museum, and a representative of the local art scene selects the artist to be invited to work on the public art commission. The invited artist presents the sketches for the proposed artwork, which then needs to be approved before the production starts. The production of public art involves several departments within the municipality but it is always led by Lunds konsthall.

What happens if an artwork is damaged?

Lunds konsthall is responsible for the maintenance and restauration of all artworks belonging to the City of Lund. The artworks are insured, and any damage or loss should be reported to Lunds konsthall.


If you have any questions about Public Art, please contact Emil Nilsson, Curator Public Art

For specific questions about the City of Lund art collection, please contact Olof Broström, Technical Coordinator.