Lea Porshager

Palm_Reading_Touch_Swipe, 2022, Prästängen school, Stångby.

For the Prästängen school at Stångby Lea Porsager has created a palpable artistic intervention. The idea is based on the human palm as a tool and a mediator. The project links spiritual traditions with modern digital touchpad technology. The inside of the hand has long served as a sign of benediction or spiritual guidance. At the same time modern digital interfaces based on the touch of the hand have had such fundamental cognitive impact that even children who are still unable to read and write are now able to use them.
Porsager’s work features lying and standing sculptures of hands. The sculptures function both as figurative motifs and as a formation of physically present metal elements. She has a long-standing interest in occult and esoteric systems of thought. Her practice unites the concrete and the spiritual.
Palm_Reading_Touch_Swipe will consist of four sculptures in total. In the first phase three sculptures have been installed on the yard of the Prästängen school. During the autumn of 2023 a larger sculpture will be installed in the Stångby municipal park that is currently being laid out.
Lea Porsager, born in Frederikssund in 1981, lives in Copenhagen. Educated at the Royala Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen and Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Doctorate in fine arts from the Malmö Art Academy in 2021.

Curators: Ulrika Liljenström, Simona Dumitriu och Emil Nilsson
Text: Emil Nilsson
Photo: Olof Nimar