10 September – 4 December 2022.


The exhibition is based on the relationships between history writing and the contemporary, the position of a subject in society, and on collective memorial work. Or, as curator Hanni Kamaly puts it: “An exhibition that sees the possibilities and potential of the political in art”. The subject’s relationship to alienation is reflected in works which timelessly show how complex a person’s position in society and in our history can be.

Hanni Kamaly is an artist and writer who searches deeply into archives and collections, on a lookout for traces of those bodies which, throughout history, were deprived of a name and a voice. In her work she waves together fragments reminiscent of different forms of dehumanization, found in art history, popular culture, and anthropology. Together, these fragments expose structures of patriarchal and colonial power, racism and nationalism, that extend into the present. By the exercise of poetic associations and of agency within the narratives of history, Kamaly’s work allows for fragility to occupy a space in the critique of structural power.

About Hanni Kamaly

Hanni Kamaly (born in 1988 in Hamar, Norway) is based in Stockholm and has studied at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts in Malmö, Lund University.

Solo exhibitions include Accelerator, Stockholm; Index, Stockholm; Ginerva Gambino in Köln, Germany; Almanac in London, UK; Tag-Team Studio in Bergen, Norway; and Skånes konstförening in Malmö, Sweden. She has also been shown at Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Malmö; Luleå Biennial 2018, Malmö art museum 2018/19, Lunds konsthall 2019 and the São Paulo Biennial 2021.

Curator: Hanni Kamaly

Kvinna med långt, mörkt hår, sitter på huk på en sten i en skärgårdsmiljö.
Hanni Kamaly.

Lunds konsthall - a part of Lunds kommun