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Raqs Media Collective

With Wild Intelligence, 2019, Delfinen primary school and kindergarten, Norra Fäladen, Lund.

Illustration av två fastigheter i grått med färgglada utsmyckningar i färg runt fönstren.

For the Delfinen school in Lund, which has both pre-school and primary school pupils, the Raqs media Collective have created the work With Wild Intelligence. The title refers to the highly developed thinking that can be evidenced in various natural species – plants as well as animals – and that is now being studied at advanced level, also within Lund University. The artist collective have wanted to encourage the children and their teachers to engage with and be inspired by the ‘wild’ intelligence of nature itself.

Starting from visualisations, so-called spectrograms, of the sound signals emitted by dolphins in their communication, the collective have produced a work for the school’s façade. They have used the technique of lenticular printing, making it possible to fit several images onto the same surface. These are ‘animated’ in the brains of the beholders as they move in front of the composition and gradually decode the different images as a sequence of movements.

Raqs Media Collective, founded in New Delhi, India, in 1992, consists of Jeebesh Bagchi (1965), Monica Narula (1969) and Shuddhabrata Sengupta (1968). Their area of interest is at the intersection of contemporary art, historical investigation, philosophical speculation, research and theory.

Curators: Anders Kreuger, Ulrika Liljeström, Åsa Nacking